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G, then A Go to All Mail G, then C Go to Contacts G, then D Go to Drafts G, then I Go to Inbox G, then K Go to Tasks G, then S Go to Starred Conversations G, then T Go to Sent Messages G, then B Go to Snoozed Messages G, then L Go to label...

Reading Messages

X Select conversation R Reply A Reply all E Archive F Forward M Mute conversation N Next message in open conversation P Previous message in open conversation S Toggle star Z Undo last action ! Report as spam


, Move focus to toolbar - Mark as not important = Mark as important ; Expand entire conversation : Collapse entire conversation [ Archive conversation and go to previous message ] Archive conversation and go to next message Shift + A Reply all in a new window Shift + F Forward in a new window Shift + I Mark as read Shift + U Mark as unread Shift + N Update conversation Shift + R Reply in a new window Shift + T Add conversation to Tasks


C Compose message Ctrl + K Insert a link Ctrl + M Open spelling suggestions Ctrl + Enter Send Shift + Ctrl + B Add BCC recipients Shift + Ctrl + C Add CC recipients


Ctrl + B Bold Ctrl + I Italics Ctrl + U Underline Ctrl + [ Indent less Ctrl + ] Indent more Ctrl + \ Remove formatting Shift + Ctrl + 7 Numbered list Shift + Ctrl + 8 Bulleted list Shift + Ctrl + 9 Quote Shift + Ctrl + E Align center Shift + Ctrl + L Align left Shift + Ctrl + R Align right