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Run an app from an docker image, image_name can be from a Docker Hub

kubectl run demo --image=<image_name> --port=<port> --labels app=<label>

Forward a port from the Kubernetes cluster to your machine

kubectl port-forward deploy/demo 9999:8888

Check a cluster

kubectl get pods --selector app=demo

Get info about all Deployment objects

kubectl get deployments

Get info about one Deployment object

kubectl get deployments <deployment-id>

Get in the terminal of a pod

kubectl exec -it <pod-id> -- bin/bash


In Kubernetes, 3 object types exist:

  • Deployment: makes a pod
  • Service: connect a pod to a load balanced IP
  • Ingress: connect

Layer of Abstraction

A Deployment manages a ReplicaSet which manages a Pod that is the abstraction of a container.