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Copy paste from Vim

v motion   Select what you want
d          Cut 
y          Copy (yank)
yw         Copy one word
yy         Copy one line
p          Paste



x          delete the char under the cursor
dd         delete the line


u          undo
U          undo all changes on a line
ctrl+r     redo
p          put a line stored in a vim register (e.g. after add)

Append, etc.

a          append after the cursor
A          append at the end of the line
r          replace one char (e.g rx replace char by x)
R          replace many chars

New lines

o          Add a line below the cursor and start INSERT mode
O          Add a line above the cursor and start INSERT mode


d          Delete operator
c          Change operator


w       until the start of the next word, EXCLUDING its first character.
b       same as w but backward
e       to the end of the current word, INCLUDING the last character.
$       to the end of the line, INCLUDING the last character
0           to the beginning of the line


  d$      To delete to the end of the line
  d2w     To delete the next two 2 words
  2w      To move the cursor at the beginning two word forward
  2e      To move the cursor at the end two word forward
  2dd     To delete the two next lines

Cursor Location

Ctrl-g    Cursor location and file status

$$ G      Move to the line number $$
gg        Move to the beginning of the file
G         Move to the end of the file

Search Command

Type / followed by the query to search forward
Type ? followed by the query to search backward

n        Go forward to the next occurance
N        Go backward to the next occurence

Ctrl-o   Go back 
Ctrl-i   Go further
Type % to find a matching ), ] or }
The cursor will move to the next, or previous, parenthesis

Substitution Command

:s/old/new to replace the first occ. of old by new
:s/old/new/g to replace all occ. in the line
:%s/old/new/g for all occ. in the file
:#, #s/old/new/g to change multiple lines

Add c at the end e.g. :s/old/new/gc to have a confirmation prompt

External Command

You can execute any external commands with

:! my_command

Visual Mode

v        visual mode used for selection with motion

For instance with v, then selecting and :w my_file.txt to save the
selection somewhere.
:w FILENAME      Save a file somewhere
:r FILENAME      Retrieve a file and put the content at cursor pos.
:r !ls           Retrieve also accepts terminal cmds

Set Options

:set xxx         Sets the option 'xxx', for instance
                   - ic, ignorecase : ignore case while searching
                   - is, incsearch  : search partial matches
                   - hls, hlsearch  : highlight matches

:set noxxx       Deactivates an option

Get help

:help w
:help c_CTRL-D
:help instert-index
:help user-manual


CTRL-D            Autocomplete commands like :help
CTRL-W            Change window